Our Story

Offer a premium frozen yogurt

…In 2011, a dream was born to provide Foodies with only the best, premium frozen yogurt. Our philosophy was to offer authentic, genuine frozen yogurt that never compromises on quality. We have spent a lot of time developing premium frozen yogurt, and have always hung onto the fundamental value to ‘keep it real’.

Our continued progress is mainly based on the relationships created with our loyal customers. We are serious about sustainability and supportive of local communities.

The combination of Myog’s finest, natural ingredients and trustworthy partnerships allows us to continue to create this unique, frozen yogurt experience. Above all, our greatest reward is seeing a customer leave the store with a smile on their face.



Wait, do you use artificial additives and colourants in your froyo?

Do you add these things to your food at home? Us neither. We think artificial is superficial, and we’re not into that. That’s why we try not to use any artificial colourants or additives. So while our froyo doesn’t look like a rainbow, it comes close to tasting like one. So, the quality and flavour of our frozen yogurt are uncompromised.

I was one of your first customers at your little corner store. It’s cool to see you growing!

It’s all thanks to you guys. It hasn’t been a piece of cake (too much sugar), and many hours behind our counter have been spent trying to create that one-of-a-kind MYOG froyo smoothness and flavour. From cut fingers to arguments over which flavour is better, to sprinting to the shop for missing toppings, and a whole lot of laughter, it’s pretty much been organized chaos at MYOG from the get go. And that’s the way we like it.

From the beginning, we’ve listen to our customers and taken your feedback to heart. Except the bacon flavoured froyo. That may have been a bit too creative.

But I heard you offer frozen fruit toppings ?

We’re not going to lie, that would be so much easier for stock control. But that’s not what we’re about; we’re all about fresh, remember (have we mentioned that?). So fresh fruit, chopped everyday, is our credo.

It’s my fifth Myog this week (and it’s only Friday), seriously – what do you put in this stuff?

Between you and me, we’ll tell you the secret: we just source and mix the freshest local dairy products to make our one-of-a-kind frozen yogurt. Feeling slightly addicted? No worries – you’ve been blessed with good taste.

It’s 10:50pm, how come you’re still open?!

We’re not saying names, but there may or may not be a particularly jovial crowd of regulars who rush in late in their pajamas to get their MYOG fix in the ad breaks of their favourite TV show. And believe us; they’re happy to find their Myog store open.

Is Myog part of an international group?

So far, we’re only based in South Africa. The first store was born in Cape Town and we’re pretty proud about this. Put it to you this way: if MYOG was a neighbour, we’d be that super proud patriotic one with little SA flags in our garden.

I love MYOG, can I open my own franchise?

You know how sometimes the best things come in small doses, like extra hot sauce, or your cute little baby cousin. We like to think of MYOG that way; by focusing on our individual stores, and gradually opening new stores independently, we can make sure the MYOG experience is kept to only the best quality and servicepossible.

Dude, I’m double parked on a red line outside, how long is my order gonna take?

No worries, our staff are well trained and try to serve as quick as possible. Just keep in mind that we’re big fans of fresh. We do not compromise on quality, so it just takes a little longer to make each order just right – and fresh. Basically, we don’t cheat when it comes to our menu items. It’s worth it, we promise.

Aren’t you trying to green wash your company?

Yep, we are. It’s no biggie really . . . we just asked our dairy supplier to recycle his buckets; we use LED lights for our stores; bamboo wood for furniture; locally produced goods; energy saver fridges and recyclable cups. Okay, we take that back, it is sort-of a biggie. Because this planet is pretty cool, and we’d like to keep it that way. Just call us the froyo philanthropists. No? Never mind. Just recycle, go green and eat healthy!

What is this PSFA foundation?

The PSFA (Peninsula School Feeding Association) is a charity organization that helps provide meals to 22 000 children in schools across Western Cape. We’ve been involved in supporting their amazing work since 2012. So next time you pop into MYOG, be sure to drop your small change into the cans at the counter, and remember that a portion of our sales (MYOG badges, magnets and cooler bags) go to the organization. Because you can’t teach a hungry child.

I think it’s great you guys have recyclable cups

We’re in the process to get biodegradable cups in order to lessen our impact on the environment further.  We’ll continue looking, but in the mean time you can help – and make the process of throwing away your empty froyo cup slightly less heart breaking – by putting your cup and spoon in the right bin compartment in the store.




Myog believes in giving back. That’s why we are passionate about supporting local communities through PSFA, the Peninsula School Feeding Association.

We understand that you cannot teach a hungry child and with your help, we are able to provide meals to children across the country. Remember that 100% of the proceeds from the sale of our in-store merchandise go to the organization.

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At Myog, every decision is made with sustainability in mind. Our stores and products are designed to have minimal impact on our planet. Our partners recycle their packaging and our frozen yogurt is served in recyclable cups. Our stores are also fitted with bamboo-wood furniture; LED lights; energy saver equipment and most of our goods are locally produced.

Our Myog team is always encouraged to come up with new, waste-saving ideas.